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Helping Drivers Stay Healthy and on the Road

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Critical Health Challenges For Fleets and Drivers

        • Drivers need convenient access to medical clinics where they can park their truck.
        • 50% of drivers have a pre-existing condition (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol) requiring regular clinic visits.
        • Health insurance alone does not help drivers manage their conditions due to high deductibles.
        • Unhealthy drivers are a major contributor to high driver turnover.

UCT Truckers Health Team Testimonial

      • “I recently became a member of UCT Truckers Health Team. I am writing you a short note to say thank you. Your staff at Oklahoma City is great and I feel comfortable talking with them. Mr. Strobin was also very helpful. I just want to say that I am healthy because of your help. I won ‘t beat around the bush – you are all saving my life. Everyday is more comfortable thanks to UrgentCareTravel”

Abdul A., Driver
UCT Truckers Health Team Member since December 2017

Benefits for Fleets

      • Improve Driver Retention
      • Improve Driver Productivity
      • Low cost health benefit
      • Limit workers comp liability

Benefits for 1099 Drivers

        • Improve health and reduce time off the road
        • Improve DOT Physical certification results
        • Affordable health plan for individuals and families

Truckers Health Team Services

          • *** No Co-Pay / No Deductible In-Clinic Services
          • *** No Pre-Existing Conditions or Age Restrictions
          • *** Individual and Family Plans Available
          • *** Optional supplemental health plans available (e.g. hospitalization)

Driver / Trucking Services

            • DOT Physicals
            • Drug / Alcohol Screening Servicves

Personalized Care Plans

              • Hypertension
              • Diabetes
              • High Cholesterol
              • Obesity

Work-Related Injury Services

                      • Muscle Pain / Strain
                      • Laceration Repair
                      • Wound Care

Primary Care Services

                        • Phjysicals
                        • Infection (sinus, ear, etc.)
                        • Sickness / Illness

In-Clinic Lab Services

                        • Flu, Tetanus Shots
                        • HbA1c
                        • Lipid Profile