UrgentCareTravel Releases Mobile App for Android

Miami Beach, FL – UrgentCareTravel (UCT) announces the immediate availability of its mobile app for Android. In addition to communicating the healthcare membership program and primary care services provided at UCT Healthcare Centers, located exclusively at Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J Travel Plazas, the Android App includes an automated location finder that provides directions to the nearest UCT Healthcare Center.

“Truck drivers have a difficult time finding convenient healthcare services on the road where they can easily park their truck,” said Siva Suresh, Executive Chairman of UrgentCareTravel.
“By having an Android app on their smartphones, drivers can now easily locate, drive and park at UCT Healthcare Centers to get the DOT physical and primary care services they need while refueling or during their mandatory rest time.”

The UrgentCareTravel Android app is free and can be found by going to the UrgentCareTravel website and clicking the Google Play icon on the top of the home page, or by going directly to Google Play and typing “UrgentCareTravel”.

About UrgentCareTravel

UrgentCareTravel (UCT), in partnership with Pilot Flying J, addresses one of the trucking industry’s biggest challenges of offering easily accessible and affordable healthcare services for truck drivers. With health insurance plans costing more, providing less medical coverage and requiring higher deductible payments, UrgentCareTravel’s membership program is a cost-effective option to address the healthcare needs of truck drivers, local businesses and communities. UCT Healthcare Centers offer a comprehensive set of services including: DOT Physical, Primary Care, Chronic Disease Screening and Management, Minor Illnesses andInjuries, Occupational Medicine and Labs. For additional information about UrgentCareTravel’s healthcare membership programs, locations and services, please visit the website at www.UrgentCareTravel.com