About Urgent Care Travel

Executive Summary


The lack of accessible healthcare to the nation’s 3.8 million professional truck drivers is a serious problem:

  • Over 80% are obese,
  • 50% suffer from untreated sleep apnea,
    (a leading cause of road accidents), and
  • 65% do not have a primary care provider.

UrgentCareTravel’s Value Proposition

For many drivers their truck is their home. Convenient healthcare access for them means finding a clinic close to the highway offering the healthcare services drivers need, while drivers fuel or during their downtime, with suitable parking for their trucks and no waiting.

Research suggests drivers will spend a minimum of 2 hours seeking a required drug screen or an updated DOT certification at local clinics. The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) reports that if drivers were able to receive these services where they live and work, on the road, the time spent by drivers seeking these services would be reduced by a minimum of 1.5 hours, saving the industry over $700M annually in lost productivity.

Additionally, with a turnover rate in excess of 100% primarily due to poor driver health, one of the major challenges for trucking companies is driver retention. The average cost to replace a driver is $5K; reducing the turnover rate by even 10% can result in substantial savings for trucking companies.

Many drivers have no health insurance or health insurance with a very high deductible. Though drivers may be covered by health insurance, high insurance deductibles cost truck drivers $1B – $3B per year since medical services are not reimbursed until the high deductible is reached.

UrgentCareTravel Medical Clinic Locations

Partnering with Pilot Furgent_car_care_block2lying J, UrgentCareTravel is deploying medical clinics at Pilot Flying J Travel Centers so as to meet the specific needs of truck drivers, local companies and communities. UrgentCareTravel clinics are all located along major interstate highways: Knoxville, TN (I-40), Oklahoma City, OK (I-40) and Atlanta (I-75) Metro areas are open, with the Dallas, TX (I-20) location opening soon. Additional UrgentCareTravel clinics spanning across the United States are in their planning stages.

UrgentCareTravel will also partner with Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and trucking companies to deploy UrgentCareTravel clinics at high volume services locations, thereby providing TPAs and trucking companies with the high level of DOT Physical, occupational medicine and primary care services needed to maximize driver productivity and help companies retain their drivers.

Trucking Industry Trends

Driver health and safety are major concerns of the Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT has recently effected new regulations focused on improving driver health and requiring certification for medical providers performing DOT physicals. These certification changes, though, will severely decrease the number of qualified medical examiners, which will reduce access and drive up cost.

The average driver age is steadily rising and drivers suffer from multiple chronic medical ailments as a result of their challenging lifestyle, thus fewer are achieving the maximum DOT certificate term of 2 years. Because of the multiple health issues experienced by drivers, the average DOT certificate term is only 6 -12 months, further demonstrating the need for improved healthcare services for drivers.

These certifications limit the time a driver can drive without a break and increase demands for improved productivity. The bottom line is that truck drivers need more accessible and improved DOT physical and primary care services and it needs to be available where they live and work….on the road.


 UrgentCareTravel Clinic Services

UrgentCareTravel’s healthcare providers are certified to meet the changing needs and regulations required of drivers and trucking companies. Drivers can literally get their DOT physical exam and primary care services at UrgentCareTravel clinics while they fuel or during their required downtime.

UrgentCareTravel clinics offer a comprehensive set of services including: DOT Physical, Primary/Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, Complete History & Physical and Labs.

Primary/Urgent Care services include: blood pressure check, chronic disease management (diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension), weight management, Men’s/Women’s wellness exam, upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, cold/cough/flu, ear infection, laceration repair and wound care.

Occupational Medicine services include: DOT/non-DOT physical exam, urine/hair drug screen collection, breath analyzer, lift tests, workers comp injuries and sleep apnea screening.

Complete History and Physical includes: collection of patient medical, social, surgical, and family history, allergies list, a physical exam and an assessment to address health concerns and risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and cancers.

Labs performed in-house include: urinalysis, rapid strep, flu and mono testing. Blood collection is done for the following lab tests: lipid profile (cholesterol), blood sugar, A1C, liver function test, kidney function test, hormone testing, thyroid testing and STD testing.

All UrgentCareTravel clinics are linked to a common electronic medical record and patient records are stored in a secure national database that meets HIPAA and other privacy standards. The records can be accessed by providers at any and all UrgentCareTravel clinics upon authorization by any patient to do so, provided that he/she has a history at any UrgentCareTravel clinic.

UrgentCareTravel GOLD Healthcare Membership Program

UrgentCareTravel’s GOLD healthcare membership programs include unlimited no co-pay / no deductible visits (in-clinic services) at any UrgentCareTravel clinic and Telemedicine consultations with UrgentCareTravel nurse practitioners. Drivers can enroll in a healthcare membership program that best meets the needs of themselves and their family. With health insurance plans costing more, providing less medical coverage and requiring higher deductible payments, UrgentCareTravel’s GOLD healthcare membership program is a cost-effective option to address the healthcare needs of drivers, trucking companies, local business and communities.

UrgentCareTravel, in partnership with Pilot Flying J (the largest truck stop company in the United States), addresses one of the trucking industry’s biggest challenges of offering easily accessible and affordable healthcare services for truck drivers.